Our garlic-based products for cattle

The Garlicon range offers products rich in Organosulfur Compounds (OSCs) that improve the performance of livestock farms and are suitable for all species:

  • Poultry (broilers, layers, turkeys).
  • Ruminants (calves and lambs, dairy cattle).
  • Swine (piglets, fattening pigs, lactating sows).
  • Other species: Rabbits, horses.

Our products are characterized by high stability, which ensures long life and high resistance to thermal and oxidation.
All our products are subject to strict quality control, which guarantees the same concentration of active ingredients in all batches.

We have several types of products (flavors, supplements). Please contact our technical staff who will advise you on which product best suits your needs.

Garlic for cattle

Garlicon: Natural aroma for use in cores and premixes. Available in various concentrations, and in liquid and powder form. Suitable for all livestock species.

Garlicon Complex P30 INT: Complementary feed in powder form, to be mixed with feed and/or premixed. Suitable for all species.

Garlicon Complex L170 INT: Liquid supplement to be added to the drinking water. Suitable for all species.

Garlicon Complex Lact 50: Liquid supplement to be added to reconstituted milk. Suitable for nursing ruminants.

Garlicon Complex prestarter: Supplementary feed powder indicated for the first phase of piglet weaning (from 21 to 42 days).

Garlicon Complex starter: Supplementary feed powder indicated for the piglet weaning phase (from 42 to 70 days).

Garlicon P20 OF: Seasoning and flavor premix for organoleptic additives for animal feed, compatible with organic livestock.

Garlic salt: Garlic oil supported in salt with repellent action of insects and other arthropods such as mites and ticks. Suitable for ruminants and horses. To add in blocks or ad libitum.

AQUAgarlic: Seasoning and flavoring premixes rich in organosulfur compounds that improve aquaculture yields, available in liquid and powder formats.

Quality certified garlic for livestock

Aware of the importance for the final consumer of the quality of products intended for the livestock sector, our facilities have been equipped with the highest technology to carry out rigorous controls in accordance with FAMI-QS and ISO 9001reinforcing the trust placed by our customers in the community and international market.