The Garlicon range offers products rich in organosulfurized compounds (OSCs) that improve the performance of livestock farms and are suitable for all species:

• Poultry (fattening chickens, laying hens, turkeys)

• Ruminants (calves and lambs, dairy cattle)

• Swine (piglets, fattening pigs, nursing mothers)

• Other species: Rabbits, horses

Our products are characterized by high stability, which ensures a long service life and a high resistance to thermal and oxidation.
All our products are subject to strict quality control that guarantees the same concentration of active ingredients in all batches.
We have several types of products (aromas, complementary feed). Contact our technical staff who will advise you on which one best suits your needs.


Garlicon: Natural aroma for use in cores and premixes. Available in various concentrations, and in liquid and powder formats. Suitable for all livestock species.
Garlicon Complex P30 INT: Complementary feed in powder format, to mix with feed and/or premix. Suitable for all species.
Garlicon Complex L170 INT: Complementary feed in liquid format, to add to drinking water. Suitable for all species.
Garlicon Complex Lact 50: Liquid complementary feed to add to reconstituted replacement milk. Suitable for breast-feeding ruminants.
Garlicon Complex prestarter: Complementary powder edmage indicated in the first phase of pigwean (21 to 42 days).
Garlicon Complex starter: Complementary feed powder indicated weaning phase of the piglet (42 to 70 days).
Garlic salt: Garlic oil supported in salt with repellent action of insects and other arthropods such as mites and ticks. Suitable for ruminants and equines. To add in blocks or have ad libitum.