The company

DOMCA, a company dedicated to the development and manufacture of products for the agri-food industry, is consolidated as a leading company in research and development of products derived from Garlic and Onion. DOMCA offers essential solutions for the livestock sector. Currently, the company is part of the DMC Holding Center business group.

With over 40 years of experience, DOMCA offers your customers a fully personalized service that has allowed you to develop efficient, cost-effective and innovative products.

In addition, as experts in health and health and combining tradition and innovation, DOMCA has developed additives and complementary feed of the highest quality for the sector, from models natural and environmentally friendly.

DOMCA currently exports worldwide. Our main markets are European and South American.

Aware of the importance for the final consumer of the quality of products intended for the livestock sector, our facilities have been equipped with the highest technology to carry out rigorous controls in accordance with FAMI-QS and ISO 9001, reinforcing the trust placed by our customers in the community and international market.

Nature offers the best solutions for animal welfare. We work with passion to offer them.