Sensory additive intended for animal feed that improves performance of livestock farms.

Benefits of using Garlicon with animals:

  1. Stimulates feed intake
  2. Increases total amount of feed intake ensuring adequate feed consumption
  3. Stimulates secretory activity, making weaning easier and helping to change feed intake from liquid to solid
  4. Controls appetite during stress periods and diseases
  5. Increases the effectiveness of functional feed
  6. Improves palatability and feed digestibility

Technological benefits of using Garlicon in feed::

  • Increases use of less palatable ingredients, thus masking or neutralizing unpleasant or repulsive flavours
  • Standardized in organosulfur active principles, providing uniformity to the organoleptic characteristics of feed
  • High heat resistance and long shelf life (great stability)
  • Allows feed formulation changes, avoiding rejection
  • Including excipients to make its management easier, improving conservation
  • Effective in a low level of inclusion
  • Available in liquid, powder and microencapsulated forms, and in various concentrations
  • Produced under FAMI QS certification

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